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This is a selection of lessons and resources for the classroom. Most of them were developed by middle and high school teachers with IAS faculty and staff during ORIAS meetings.

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Migration - From the Institute of European Studies, UCB

Trade - From ORIAS Institute Ancient and Medieval Maritime Trade (2002)

Monsoon Winds to the "Land of Gold": Maritime Spice Trade from Southeast Asia to Rome - Kay Corcoran


    • Artifact Box: Students assume the role of archaeologists and examining four objects in a mysterious box found buried along the Malabar coast in Southwest India.
    • Looking at Ancient Maps
    • Spice trade poster activity.
    • Ancient trading simulation activity.

Using Periplus Maris Erythraie in the classroom

Slavery - American Slavery Debate in the Context of Atlantic History, 1770-1865.
(Annotated primary source collection produced by teacher Andrew Hammann during ORIAS residency 2010.)

The American slavery debate occurred during a time of increasing connections among the continents and islands of the Atlantic Ocean:  an area that includes Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa.  As such, it is useful and illuminating for historians to consider the ways in which contemporary individuals, events and trends of the Atlantic region influenced this contentious and long-running dialogue.  It is important to note that the website excludes a related and important research path:  the reciprocal effect of the American slavery debate on the course of Atlantic history. The American Slavery Debate website is intended to faciliate primary source research and support the development of new scholarship in the fields of American History and Atlantic History.

 Teaching About Southeast Asia Summer Project (2001)

Writing Systems/scripts:History of paper and spread of writing - Writing systems references page

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