2007 ORIAS Summer Teacher's Institute


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Cities in Asia (National Geographic student site)

After identifying the characteristics of cities, students will analyze the influence of geography on patterns of urban settlement and the role geography plays in the types of cities that develop. Students will create a list of different types of cities and then compare and analyze different Asian cities.



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British Museum - student sites
Ancient Civilization themes: Cities (Includes interactive map of first cities.)

Staff room -
Download from staff room: Why build cities here?

Çatalhöyük Project dig site

Mysteries of ÇATALHÖYÜK -resources and activity site for students (middle and high school)

National Geographic - student site
Two Ancient Cities - Inca and Maya
In this lesson, students will review basic facts about two ancient American civilizations: the Inca and the Maya. Then they will compare two ancient cities from these civilizations: Machu Picchu, of the Inca Empire, and Chichén Itzá, of the Maya. For each city, students will research the surrounding geography, the main structures and their purposes, the inhabitants, the building materials, the general layout, and any other revealing information or artifacts from the city. Finally, students will consider how culture and geography influenced the lives of people in each



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BBC - Urban Planet (in depth special)
Includes: Live population counter, Urban explosion interactive map, Interactive tour of Mumbai slum, plus other reports, interviews, and photos

A good companion piece to show with the BBC urban explosion map
Earth At Night (NASA)

National Geographic - Megacities on-line site - includes multimedia and maps from "Cities: Challenges for Humanity" series on São Paulo, Brazil; Lagos, Nigeria; Bangkok, Thailand; and Hyderabad, India.

New York Times -
Investigating Slum Dwelling in the 21st Century

Mumbai - Wall Street Jounal video of Mumbai trains at rush hour.


San Francisco Cable Car Museum

NASA cities from space collection

Science Netlinks
Urban Ecosystems: Continuity and Change
Five Lessons
· Urban Ecosystems 1: Cities are Urban Ecosystems
· Urban Ecosystems 2: Why Are There Cities? A Historical Perspective
· Urban Ecosystems 3: Cities as Population Centers
· Urban Ecosystems 4: Metabolism of Urban Ecosystems
· Urban Ecosystems 5: In Defense of Cities

United Nations - One Planet Many People
Includes Powerpoint on urban areas and satellite photos of world cities

UNESCO - Growing Up In Cities project
"We live in an urbanizing world, in which more and more children and young people live in cities. What does the process of urbanization mean in the lives of young people? From young people's own perspectives, what makes an urban neighborhood a good place in which to grow up? Growing Up in Cities is a global effort to understand and respond to these and other questions, and to help address the issues affecting urban children and youth. It is a collaborative undertaking of the MOST Programme of UNESCO and interdisciplinary teams of municipal officials, urban professionals, and child advocates around the world, working with young people themselves to create communities that are better places in which to grow up-and therefore, better places for us all."

GOOGLE - Sketchup 3D Warehouse
Help model a city:

Look up megacities on Google Earth to explore the cities from the air. (Such as Sao Paolo at )



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Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt "Berlin: Symphony of a City" -- entire film on the web (without sound)

St. Petersburg Project - mapping the experience of St. Petersburg in the early XXth century. (See also Bely's novel above.)

Picturing France: 1830-1900 (National Gallery of Art) explores 19th-century painting in France and the culture it reflects. Organized by region, the site offers a glimpse of the history and cultural life of Paris, Auvergne, Normandy, Provence, and other areas. More than 50 works are examined.

Invisible Cities (audio installation exhibit)
City soundscape 5-min audio files from around the world. Curated by Fällt designers Fehler, 'Invisible Cities' offers the opportunity to experience an intimate series of portraits of the world's cities painted with sound.


Baraka <1993> Director: Ron Fricke (see Hong Kong section) (Mpi Home Video)

Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt ("Berlin: Symphony of a City) <1927> Director: Walter Ruttman

Favela Rising <2005> Directors: Jeff Zimbalist, Matt Mochary (Netflix studio)

Koolhaas: Lagos Wide & Close Interactive Journey Into An Exploding City <2006> Director: Breqtje (Submarine studio)

Lagos / Koolhaas <2002> Published: Brooklyn : First Run/Icarus Films, 2003.

Metropolis <1927> Director: Fritz Lang

Metropolis <2001> (anime) Director: Director Taro Rin (from manga creations of Tezuka Osamu)



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