Travelers’ tales are older than writing itself and have lost little of their popularity over time. For historians, travelers offer unique insights into cross-cultural exchange, as well as interpretive challenges.

This armchair journey with area scholars considered the role travelers have played in understanding history from ancient Rome to modern Pakistan. A panel of k-12 educators also shared ways this theme could be employed to engage students.

Presentation Summaries

Written by Stephen Pitcher

Partition: Recording untold stories of forced displacement from the creation of India and Pakistan, Guneeta Bhalla

Big History Perspective, Cynthia Brown

Smiling through Tears?: Jewish Humor in the Diaspora, Erich Gruen

Discovering Global Blackness: African Diaspora World Travelers, Sean Hanratta

Contested Travelogues of Conquest: Bernal Diaz del Castillo and the fall of the Aztecs, Alex Saragoza

Roma/Gypsies: Stereotypes and Realities, Carol Silverman

Double Agents and Strategic Deception in the Second World War, Bruce Thompson