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World History Reading Groups

Meet monthly with other teachers to discuss readings in World History

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ORIAS Speakers Bureau

Schedule classroom presentations by graduate-student speakers

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National Resource Centers

Find resources and workshops at other National Resource Centers across the US

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Calendars of Local Events

See calendars of selected events through UC Berkeley

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Resources for Teachers

Find lesson plans and archives from past Summer Institutes

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Investigating Angkor

A deep dive into the history and legacy of the kingdom of Angkor

Welcome to ORIAS

The Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS) exists to help k-12 and community college educators improve their understanding of global issues, expand their knowledge of World History, and integrate international topics into courses across disciplines.

ORIAS offers free programs for teachers year-round and welcomes requests from individual educators seeking to continue their own learning about the world.

ORIAS Summer Institutes for Teachers

ORIAS Summer Institutes invite educators to be students again.

ORIAS hosts two summer programs at UC Berkeley. Teachers of many disciplines, from elementary through high school, are invited to attend the k-12 Summer Institute. The Community College Summer Institute is designed primarily for community college and AP-level history and social studies teachers, particularly those who teach World History, Global Studies, or regional histories.

Summer programs explore unique themes in World History and other international and global topics. Teachers leave ready to incorporate new content...

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Working Group: Investigating Angkor

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