ORIAS Summer Institutes for Teachers

ORIAS Summer Institutes

ORIAS Summer Institutes invite educators to be students again.

ORIAS hosts two summer programs at UC Berkeley. Teachers of many disciplines, from elementary through high school, are invited to attend the k-12 Summer Institute. The Community College Summer Institute is designed primarily for community college and AP-level history and social studies teachers, particularly those who teach World History or regional histories.

Summer programs explore unique themes in World History and teachers leave ready to incorporate new content into classroom lessons. Presenters explain recent scholarship and address participants' questions. Throughout each day, educators have opportunities share ideas about both content and pedagogy.

Summer Institutes are free and open to all educators. Participants in the k-12 Summer Institute may also receive professional development credit. 

photo credit: Top of the Campanile via UC Berkeley (license)

Summer 2020

Collage featuring elements from propaganda posters from China, the US, the Philippines, Manchukuo, and North Korea


Summer Institute for k-12 Teachers

June 22 - 26, 2020

5 online sessions, see schedule below

Each session will include a presentation by a scholar-expert, participant discussion, and a Q & A period.

What are the features, uses, and histories of propaganda? What techniques have governments and political movements used to construct and convey messages?  How is propaganda related to the construction of national (or other) identities? Is propaganda entirely culture-specific, or are there universal features of this mode of communication? Perhaps most important - where is the line between propaganda and other types of communication and expression?

As we head into another presidential election season, the ORIAS Summer Institute for k-12 teachers offers teachers an exploration of propaganda from different places and times. This program will draw on a variety of disciplines and will feature numerous examples of propaganda from around the world.

This institute is open to k-12 teachers across disciplines. There is no cost to attend. 

Participant in a street theatre performance during protests in Basra, Iraq

People Power

Summer Institute for Community College Instructors

4 online sessions: 5/29, 5/30, 6/5, 6/6

How do we interpret narratives about mass movements in the past? And how does that understanding across the distance of time compare to the actual, complex experience of participating in such a movement?

The 2020 ORIAS Summer Institute for Community College Instructors takes a look at mass movements, past and present. In addition to considering the context, ideology, and histories of movements, the program will also delve into the tactics and messy ambiguities of these movements as they were lived and executed by people who participate(d) in them. The overall program will consider movements from around the world, through a number of lenses in Humanities and social sciences. The first two sessions of the program will focus on past movements, whereas sessions three and four will explore movements that are currently active in the world. Registrants are strongly encouraged to attend all four sessions, since daily group discussions will draw on information from previous talks.

This ORIAS Summer Institute is ONLY open to community college instructors across disciplines, high school teachers of AP courses, and students in the UC Berkeley BE3 Social Studies credential program. This program is designed for instructors in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Global Studies. Participation is free.

When you register, the organizer will use the information you provide to confirm your position at the institution where you work. Once that is confirmed, your registration will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the event.