ORIAS Summer Institutes for Teachers

ORIAS Summer Institutes

ORIAS Summer Institutes invite educators to be students again.

ORIAS hosts two summer programs at UC Berkeley. Teachers of many disciplines, from elementary through high school, are invited to attend the k-12 Summer Institute. The Community College Summer Institute is designed primarily for community college and AP-level history and social studies teachers, particularly those who teach World History, Global Studies, or regional histories.

Summer programs explore unique themes in World History and other international and global topics. Teachers leave ready to incorporate new content into classroom lessons. Presenters explain recent scholarship and address participants' questions. Throughout each day, educators have opportunities share ideas about both content and pedagogy.

Summer Institutes are free and open to all educators. Participants in the k-12 Summer Institute may also receive professional development credit. 

photo credit: Top of the Campanile via UC Berkeley (license)

2024 Summer Institutes

satellite flying over 1521 map of Tenochtitlán
open landscape with trees covered in spider webs

The State and the Information Economy

Summer Institute for Community College Instructors

May 31 - June 1, 2024

How does the state know itself and the world in which it operates? This summer institute will explore the ways in which states generate and use information. How do states produce information about themselves, collect information about other states and peoples, and manage the flow of information internally and externally? What kinds of information is available to states in the age of big data and does this substantively change relations between states, corporations, and citizens?

This ORIAS Summer Institute is intended for instructors of global studies, economics, international relations, political science, journalism, modern world history, computational social science, and related information sciences. It is open to community college instructors and (space permitting) high school teachers of AP history-social science courses.

This FREE program will take place in person and lunch will be provided. Space is limited to 22 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

Climate and Migration

Summer Institute for k-12 Teachers

June 24 - 26, 2024

Migration is a core part of the human experience and one of our oldest tools to respond to environmental changes. But current news about both climate change and migration can be panic-inducing. This summer institute for k-12 teachers explores the intersection of climate and migration with realism rather than hysteria. We’ll explore past examples of climate-related migration, the nuanced relationship between climate and migration in the present, migration as depicted in the arts, and possible futures.

This institute is open to k-12 teachers across disciplines. 

This FREE program will take place in person. Lunch will be provided. Space is limited to 24 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

Professional development credit is available upon request during the registration process. Teachers who attend for credit will be expected to submit a lesson plan featuring material used in the program.