Past k-12 Summer Institutes

Architecture: Space, Power and Community

Pop Culture in World History

The World Through Literature

Foodways in World History

The Role of Travelers in World History

The Role of Technology in Shaping Human History

Absent Voices - Experience of Common Life in World History

Causes and Consequences of Imperialism in World History

Visible Power - Art in National Life

Pestilence and Public Health (2008)

The Making of Cities (2007)

Encountering Nature in World History (2006)

Personal Narratives in World History (2005)

Rule of Law - The Story of Human Rights in World History (2004)

Religion in World History (2003)

The Role of Food in World History (2002)

International Children's Literature (2001)

Ancient Roots, Modern States (2000)

Medieval Travelers in World History (1999)