World History Working Group

Detail of interior ceiling at Sikandra. Shows geometric Islamic designs.

Community College Summer Institutes originated from the World History Working Group, which met regularly from 2011 to 2015. The current annual workshops are designed for community college and AP-level instructors who teach World History, Global Studies, or other courses with strong focus on global and international topics. Participants are encouraged to attend annually and remain in touch with one another during the school year. New attendees are welcomed!

photo credit: Ornate Islamic geometry at Sikandra via flickr (license)

World History Working Group 2011 - 2015

Alan Karras


The 2015 institute explored two different ways of framing and teaching World History. Day One was dedicated to broad themes: Islam in South Asia over a period of a millennium, pre-industrial versus industrial food production, and the world through the lens of the Cold War. Day Two focused on detailed analysis of primary documents: artifacts of daily life in Ancient Rome, poetry in Tang Dynasty China, and the uses (and mis-uses) of visual arts in textbooks.

Munis D. Faruqui 
The Muslim Experience in South Asia, 620s-1947

Robert KnappRoman Voices: primary sources from the ancient world

Marty Renner
Industrialization in World History: through the lens of food production

Daniel Sargent
U. S. in the World: the Cold War

Paula Varsano
Uses of Poetry in Teaching Early Chinese History


Ali Anooshahr
The Rise of the Mughal State in the Age of Early Modern Empires

David Ilmar Beecher
The Soviet Union as a Special Kind of World Empire

Carl Guarneri
U. S. in the World 

Martin W. LewisPhilippine History in Global Context

Laura J. MitchellSouthern Africa in an Age of Maritime Empires


Beth Pollard
Greco-Roman Empires and Society

Trevor GetzFrom Djenne to Mali: Questioning City & Empire in the Classroom (PPT here)

Andrew BarshaySiberian Shadows: Japanese prisoners recall the Soviet Gulag, 1945-1956

John CorballyPostwar Migration to Britain: Imperial history and British society (PPT here)


Ian Morris
Why the West Rules - For Now

Robert Marks
Ecological Narratives in East Asia

Trevor GetzAbina and the Important Men

Alan KarrasAP Skills & Classroom Methods


Jerry Bentley
Pre-Modern Indian Ocean Framework

Alan Karras
Atlantic World Framework

Tyler Stovall
Trans-national History of Modern France

Kenneth Pomeranz
Environmental Framework: deforestation, land use, and population in modern China