The Shahnameh

Close-up image from Mongol-era version of the Shahnameh showing Alexander and a talking horse.

Read a summary of the epic. Learn about its history and its author. Compare dozens of versions of the same scene in an extensive database. Plus, recommendations for English-language versions of the epic for children.

Synopsis of the Shahnameh

Read a summary of the narrative, historical information about the Shahnameh, and a biography of the author.

Shahnama Project

Try the Find by Scene function. Once you select a specific scene, you can compare dozens of different images of the same scene. The examples come from different times and places, making it easy to compare styles across empires.

Shahnameh for Kids

One by Elizabeth Laird and Shirin Adl, and the other by Hamid Rahimanian, Ahmad Sadri, and Melissa Hibbard.