The Travels of Ibn Battuta: Student Activities

Student Activities

This site was created with flexibility in mind. Listed below are a number of options for site-related projects and activities. Each of the possible activities helps students meet one or more of the following goals:

  • understand the (reported) events of Ibn Battuta's travels
  • learn about the geography of places where Ibn Battuta travelled
  • interpret Ibn Battuta's views and values based on what he (claims) he did and said
  • think critically about Ibn Battuta's account and figure out reasonable ways to question his account
  • learn more about assessing the reliability of images found on the internet

Ibn Battuta as Local History?

Students at the American School of Tangier paired their study of the travels of Ibn Battuta with an inspired local history project! The mausoleum of Ibn Battuta is located in their hometown, so they visited it and asked residents and tourists about their knowledge of Ibn Battuta. Check out their project!

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